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Schools were involved in a large-scale collaborative teacher inquiry project designed to

address the gender gap in literacy achievement. Included were both elementary and

secondary schools, some of which worked with small samples of boys and some of

which worked with the entire population of boys in the school. Teachers and

administrators examined which strategies mattered most in terms of their effect on boys’

engagement with and achievement in literacy development. Of high importance was the

fact that this project was closely aligned with ongoing provincial initiatives concerned

with resource and staff development. Teacher inquiry was meant to be a key

complement to school reform and literacy-based initiatives presently underway in

schools and districts.

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Boys Need Help!

Posted: June 20, 2012 by hcakir in Ministry of Education, Parent Chat

All educators share the common goal of providing equitable learning opportunities for every student in the classroom. Providing equitable opportunities for girls is a familiar topic; providing them for boys is a relatively recent issue, but one that is appearing with increasing urgency on education agendas around the world.

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Parents guide to IPRC

Posted: June 20, 2012 by hcakir in Ministry of Education, Parent Chat

The following information is provided to assist parents/guardians/caregivers in understanding the Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) process, and is based on requirements set out in Ontario Regulation 181/98 of the Education Act.

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Hamilton Wentworth District School Board provides parents with information about Board policies, how to find a school, how to register your child, how to access your child’s marks, plus lots more.  Click  here to go to the parent section of HWDSB’s official website. There are links for specific parent help or involvement available on the left hand corner, such as “Home & School” and “Newsletters”.