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Schools were involved in a large-scale collaborative teacher inquiry project designed to

address the gender gap in literacy achievement. Included were both elementary and

secondary schools, some of which worked with small samples of boys and some of

which worked with the entire population of boys in the school. Teachers and

administrators examined which strategies mattered most in terms of their effect on boys’

engagement with and achievement in literacy development. Of high importance was the

fact that this project was closely aligned with ongoing provincial initiatives concerned

with resource and staff development. Teacher inquiry was meant to be a key

complement to school reform and literacy-based initiatives presently underway in

schools and districts.

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International findings suggest that boys, as a group, are falling behind girls in reading and writing and are more likely to have behavioural difficulties or drop out of school completely. This falling behind has both short-term and long-term consequences for individuals and the economy. However, as findings suggest, there appears to be more variance within groups of boys and within groups of girls, than differences between boys and girls—and caution must be taken to ensure all students have access to quality and effective learning environments.

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Boys Reading Strategies

Posted: June 20, 2012 by hcakir in Learning Strategies, Resources

We found that the availability of rich and varied resources such as magazines, newspapers, non-fiction texts, graphic novels, and books that reflect the interests of boys led to sustained silent and focused daily reading time for our boys in intermediate classrooms. At the end of the first year of the project, we concluded that engagement is critical to the improvement of both reading attitudes and achievement for boys as well as girls. On the yearend survey, many of our students reported that they enjoyed reading only when given an opportunity to choose reading material that appealed to their interests. For more information on reading strategies, click HERE.

About 25 students are enrolled in the Move 2 Improve alternative education program by School District 2.

After just a couple of months, students like J.R. Stewart are reaping the benefits.

“I’m more focused on my work I don’t have to worry about putting that much of an effort into thinking — it does it by itself,” he said.

The program, which incorporates exercise into students’ daily routine, is based on the premise that physical activity helps students improve their concentration and learning skills.

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