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Great Place to Find Books for Boys

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Try this website that has a fantastic array of exciting books that boys love to read.


Gender in Learning

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The Learning is different for both boys and girls. the study shows that there is a significant difference. please click HERE to see the article.

The Road Ahead

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Three years ago, we embarked on a journey to involve all stakeholders (teachers, administrators, parents, and community members) in creating “literate” young men. Our theory was that boys needed support from all stakeholders to feel comfortable and confident enough to engage in literacy activities. We approached a variety of community groups including our local chamber of commerce and our professional hockey team. We requested that parents get involved and model reading to boys. And, although there was interest and support, the details could not get formalized in the given time frame.

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Schools were involved in a large-scale collaborative teacher inquiry project designed to

address the gender gap in literacy achievement. Included were both elementary and

secondary schools, some of which worked with small samples of boys and some of

which worked with the entire population of boys in the school. Teachers and

administrators examined which strategies mattered most in terms of their effect on boys’

engagement with and achievement in literacy development. Of high importance was the

fact that this project was closely aligned with ongoing provincial initiatives concerned

with resource and staff development. Teacher inquiry was meant to be a key

complement to school reform and literacy-based initiatives presently underway in

schools and districts.

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Boys’ Learning and Literacy Information


The Ontario Ministry of Education, as part of an initiative to support student success in literacy, has identified boys’ literacy and learning as a priority. The Guide, Me Read, No Way, is based on an international review of effective practices and is intended to stimulate discussion of this important issue among educators in Ontario and to provide practical and effective strategies that teachers across the province can put to use in the classroom, both immediately and over the longer term.


Why Boys?


All educators share the common goal of providing equitable learning opportunities for every student in the classroom. Providing equitable opportunities for girls is a familiar topic; providing them for boys is a relatively recent issue, but one that is appearing with increasing urgency on education agendas around the world.


Quick Facts:


Boys typically score lower than girls on standardized tests in the language arts.


Boys are more likely than girls to be placed in special education programs


Boys are less likely than girls to go to university.


Dropout rates are higher for boys than for girls.


An increasing volume of evidence indicates that gender is a significant factor in both choice of reading materials and reading achievement for boys and girls.


Towards a solution


Addressing the needs of boys effectively will require dialogue and the collective expertise and talents of all partners in the education process, including government, educators, parents, and community members. Among these partners, however, educators play a particularly important role in determining how individual students develop as readers and writers. It is critical that we provide classroom experiences that respond to the interests, needs, and learning styles of all students, and that we explore ways to engage boys and girls equally as readers and writers.




Strategies for Success:


Drive the point home:


Engaging parents in boys’ literacy




The relationship between parental involvement and student success is well-established.


Engaging boys’ parents in the school’s literacy program by keeping them informed and


getting them involved has the potential to greatly enhance boys’ involvement and


achievement in reading and writing.


For More Information see the Boys’ Literacy Website: Guyzzone

International findings suggest that boys, as a group, are falling behind girls in reading and writing and are more likely to have behavioural difficulties or drop out of school completely. This falling behind has both short-term and long-term consequences for individuals and the economy. However, as findings suggest, there appears to be more variance within groups of boys and within groups of girls, than differences between boys and girls—and caution must be taken to ensure all students have access to quality and effective learning environments.

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Globe and Mail Articles

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Failing Boys: Part 1 of 6 Globe & Mail Articles

Part 1: Failing boys and the powder keg of sexual politics

Highlights from this article: